The Pastor

Pastor Tony VanDerWilt

Seeing my name as “Pastor”, I believe God has a sense of humor!

You would think growing up in a Christian home and having a father as a pastor, I might naturally progress from high school, through college to seminary but that isn’t my story. My desire was to own a business, have a family, make some money, and retire early!!!

I know, naive right…

What I found, however, was that owning a business and living to make money didn’t fulfill my soul need, only pleasing God did that. God has directed some to please Him by doing those things but it wasn’t His path for me. So, after 10 plus years in owning a couple of businesses, He directed me into the Recreation and youth ministry for 8 years. Through that experience I learned one central truth, God knows me better than I know myself and therefore I’m better off trusting in Him than in anyone in the world. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not perfect in that, but I find it to be an underlying theme God is growing me and in my family in day by day.

Along this journey God has blessed me with my perfect soul mate, Jennifer, and two great boys, Nathan and Derek. I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in May of 2013 with a Masters in Theology and have served as Cornerstone’s pastor since January, 2011.

My soul passion is to see people become true Disciples of Christ through my life both in word and deed, so that every member of God’s kingdom under my influence might be equipped, encouraged, and sent to fulfill God’s purpose for their life. This purposed is witnessed through Christ both in word and deed as He lived on this earth and gave us His great commission, that through His work we might…

 Deliver the lost, develop the saints, and deploy them into the work of God.